Natural Gas Utilities & Distribution

Ecotec offers the most accurate and reliable leak detection for natural gas storage and distribution networks.

Integrated monitoring and reporting for safer operations

Natural gas utilities and distribution are critical to powering communities across the world — and reliable monitoring is critical to protecting the public and environment from potentially harmful leaks. Our unified solution also covers emergency response, pipeline construction and maintenance, and CNG/LNG applications. Whether you need portable, vehicular, or stationary solutions, we’re here to provide you with unparalleled support and peace of mind.

This portable methane analyzer is proven to maintain its high performance and accuracy in harsh field conditions.

This long-range handheld solution performs 360˚ scanning for fugitive surface and penetration emission indications.

This natural gas network survey vehicle uses laser detection to accurately monitor underground gas pipelines.

A 24/7 monitoring system with ppb sensitivity makes it easy to identify fugitive methane emissions and review data.

This 24/7 methane monitoring system enables easy identification of fugitive emissions for EH&S & ESG purposes.

Explosimeter-catharometer for gas leak confirmation both indoors and outdoors as well as explosion risk assessment.

Methane Monitoring Solutions

A pair of workers in high visibility PPE look to the future, a future safeguarded by equipment provided by Ecotec, helping protect the planet form unregulated gas emissions.

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For over 30 years, we’ve put our customers’ goals first. No matter the challenge, we tailor our sensor and software ecosystem to deliver exactly what you need.

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