Utilizing our Tunable Diode Laser Technology, the Sentinel provides accurate and reliable gas measurements with no drift over time or cross gas sensitivity.

A composite image showing the kinds of facilities that Ecotec provides precision monitoring solutions for, including gas extraction, biogas production, energy transfer, and more.

Ultra-stable measurements to identify changes in methane and oxygen in landfills

This solution is designed for installation along header, sub-header, and lateral lines in the landfill gas collection system. The ultra-stable measurements immediately identify changes in methane % level and any presence of oxygen from a section of the landfill gas collection system. Available with various power, mounting, and configuration options.


An image of the Sentinel gas detection system at a landfill site.
An image showing professionals from the energy industry in the field, wearing high viz PPE.

Sentinel for strategic header / sub-header / lateral detection

Real-time CH4 and O2 measurements

TDLAS for continuous measurement without drift

No field calibration necessary

Stable and accurate with high-sensitivity

Manage cost as CapEx or OpEx

Industry Use Cases

  • Landfill, Biogas & Wastewater
  • Biogas Upgrading & RNG
Use Cases
  • Landfill gas monitoring systems
  • Strategic header, sub-header, and lateral line gas measurement
  • Early detection of air intrusion
  • No field calibration necessary
  • Continuous measurement of CH4 and O2 with no drift
  • ±0.05% vol O2 measurement
  • Stable and accurate with high sensitivity
  • Maximize landfill gas production and quality

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