Integrated Solutions

Ecotec’s hardware and software work seamlessly to deliver precise greenhouse gas reporting.

The only fully connected system for GHG monitoring and reporting

Our direct detection hardware and reporting software work together to provide you with highly accurate, auditable ESG and compliance reports. Building on over 30 years of experience in the field, our global footprint enhances this system using emerging technologies. The result is a versatile solution that can be tailored to your industry needs, regulatory requirements, and future goals.

This 24/7 monitoring system is the premier data collection and reporting tool for carbon credit market protocols.

Small-sensor air quality monitoring systems for real-time localized indoor and outdoor air quality data and analysis.

Sentinel identifies CH4 changes and oxygen presence along LGF collection systems’ header, sub-header, and lateral lines.

This modular fixed gas analyzer uses multiple sample points and dual gas range analysis to measure CH4, CO2, and more.

This analyzer enables carbon credit verification and GHG reporting with no drift over time or cross gas sensitivity.

This long-range handheld solution performs 360˚ scanning for fugitive surface and penetration emission indications.

A 24/7 monitoring system with ppb sensitivity makes it easy to identify fugitive methane emissions and review data.

Our smallest, most modular system for 24/7 methane leak monitoring for real-time alerts and easy data review.

This 24/7 methane monitoring system enables easy identification of fugitive emissions for EH&S & ESG purposes.

This portable, modular analyzer measures CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, and H2, as well as pressures, flow rate, temp., and more.

This portable methane analyzer is proven to maintain its high performance and accuracy in harsh field conditions.

This portable, modular analyzer measures CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, and H2, as well as pressures, flow rate, temp., and more.

Explosimeter-catharometer for gas leak confirmation both indoors and outdoors as well as explosion risk assessment.

This natural gas network survey vehicle uses laser detection to accurately monitor underground gas pipelines.

An image showing rugged professionals in the field, using Ecotec equipment to ensure environmental safety and GHG emission compliance.

When it comes to your goals, we’ll never compromise

We offer the most comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution on the market — because your operations demand the best. Throughout implementation and beyond, we’ll be by your side.

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They reacted very quickly to come up with a product that met our requirements within our budget. This, in turn, allowed us to control our data, as we can now monitor information and troubleshoot remotely….Overall, we successfully completed our upgrade efficiently from start to finish.

Edward Johnson, AD Manager, Eco Sustainable Solutions