This multi-sensor mini air quality monitoring station uses autonomous power and communication to measure in real-time at any required point.

A composite image showing the kinds of facilities that Ecotec provides precision monitoring solutions for, including gas extraction, biogas production, energy transfer, and more.

Air quality monitoring exactly where you need it

AQMesh monitors a range of air pollution gases, particulate matter, and environmental factors 24/7, for years, with readings stored securely and accessed online. Exceedance alerts allow potential leaks or pollution events to be quickly identified and addressed. With effective remote diagnosis and support, these tiny ‘pods’ can be used in deserts and snow fields with minimal maintenance.


An image of an AQMesh sensor pod mounted on a fixed position. This compact, multi-sensor air quality monitoring station provides real-time measurements with autonomous power and communication.
An image showing an unobtrusive AQMesh compact sensor pod in an urban location, probably London.

Easy to install

CO2, CO, H2S, SO2, O3, NOx, PM2.5 and PM10 options

Integrated wind speed and direction sensor

Real-time pollution alerts

Designed for long-term use in harsh conditions

Monitors exact position that is required

Low cost of ownership

Industry Use Cases

  • Air Quality & Other Applications
  • Oil & Gas
  • Landfill, Biogas & Wastewater
Use Cases
  • Stationary multi-pollutant detection in air
  • Perimeter monitoring of toxic gasses
  • ppb sensitivity with modular options
  • Small form factor for easy placement and installation
  • Real-time pollution alerts
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low power consumption

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