Laser technology ensures accurate gas stream methane and carbon dioxide measurements, with no drift over time or cross-gas sensitivity.

A composite image showing the kinds of facilities that Ecotec provides precision monitoring solutions for, including gas extraction, biogas production, energy transfer, and more.

Ultra-precise, selective gas measurement

Providing the most reliable and cost-effective solution for carbon credit verification and GHG reporting, the FAU-TDL is driven by NASA research. A laser produces a specific wavelength of light, tuned to an absorption line: the known light frequency of the target gas. The result is unbeatable response speed and selective gas measurement.


An image of Ecotec's FAU-TDL system, powered by NASA-developed technology.
An image showing professionals from the energy industry in the field, wearing high viz PPE.

No drift over time or cross gas contamination

Annual factory calibration not required

Measures % CH4, CO2 & O2

CH4 and CO2 laser measurement (O2 / H2S options)

Continuous, reliable readings

Fully configurable system and communications

Temperature probe and gas conditioning options

Low cost of ownership

Industry Use Cases

  • Landfill, Biogas and Wastewater
  • Biogas Upgrading & RNG
  • Emissions Trading and Certified Gas
  • Oil & Gas
Use Cases
  • Pre and post-treatment gas measurement
  • Carbon credit reduction verification
  • Product gas and custody transfer measurement
  • Fuel gas measurement
  • Combustion efficiency measurement
  • No cross-gas contamination, calibration, or drift
  • Real-time continuous measurement
  • Carbon credits
  • Single or multi-gas measurement
  • Stationary gas stream composition

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