This ATEX-certified explosimeter-catharometer can pinpoint the precise location of a flammable gas leak to ensure optimal safety.

A composite image showing the kinds of facilities that Ecotec provides precision monitoring solutions for, including gas extraction, biogas production, energy transfer, and more.

Detection and measurement for safer operations

The Catex™ 3 offers top performance in gas concentration and atmosphere measurement, as well as leak surveys and localization. Measurements are highly stable and reliable, with built-in thermal compensation and IR sensors that are totally immune to poisonous compounds present in methane or propane. Continuous self-diagnostics (failsafe) stop readings in the case of a serious error and prevent false measurements.


An image of the Catex™ 3 gas leak detector.
An image showing professionals from the energy industry in the field, wearing high viz PPE.

Meets ATEX standards for indoor and outdoor use

Operates in hazardous atmospheres

Detects CH4, H2, butane, propane, and acetylene

3 measurement scales: PPM, LEL, and Gas Volume

<3-second gas detection and measurement

Large LCD screen and 12-hr operating time

3 quick control keys for easy use

Durable exterior casing

Industry Use Cases

  • Natural Gas Utilities and Distribution
Use Cases
  • Fenceline emissions monitoring
  • Real-time measurement of methane leak sources
  • ppm sensitivity
  • Small form factor for easy placement
  • Low power consumption

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