This methane emissions monitoring system provides 24/7 monitoring, on-site surveys, report preparation, and data storage.

A composite image showing the kinds of facilities that Ecotec provides precision monitoring solutions for, including gas extraction, biogas production, energy transfer, and more.

Continuous methane monitoring and seamless reporting

Laser technology monitors methane emissions activity around operation infrastructure and fence lines. 24/7 monitoring for decreased environmental impact and increased worker safety. Automated notifications and alerts are sent to designated personnel via app when leaks occur over a certain threshold. A multi-sampling option is available.


An image showing a GazPod methane detection and monitoring unit in the field, with autonomous solar power supply and networked capabilities.
An image showing professionals from the energy industry in the field, wearing high viz PPE.

24/7 leak monitoring

Built-in cellular wireless network connection

Highly sensitive leak detection far from source

Secure data access through any browser

Real-time leak monitoring for immediate action

Low maintenance requirements

Report generation for regulatory compliance

Software compiles and stores data for review

Industry Use Cases

  • Oil & Gas
  • Landfill, Biogas & Wastewater
  • Natural Gas Utilities & Distribution
  • Biogas Upgrading & RNG
  • Emissions Trading & Certified Gas
Use Cases
  • Fenceline emissions monitoring
  • Real-time measurement of methane leak sources
  • Fuel gas measurement
  • Methane slip and combustion efficiency measurement
  • Real-time alert system for worker safety and emissions events
  • ppb sensitivity and accuracy
  • Instantaneous measurement recognition
  • Multi-elevation active sampling for gas dispertion
  • Proactive methane leak detection to reduce explosion risk
  • 24/7 pump drawn sampling of 10 liters / min

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