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At the Ecotec Group we believe our solutions are only as good as the insights they can drive. Key to any insight is availability and reliability of data of data that you can depend on.

Ecotec’s use of software began in 1994 for collective field measured methane data, mainly across landfills, from portable analyzers. The necessity for this product was mainly driven by the need to meet regulatory compliance reporting for the US EPA’s New Source Performance Standard (“NSPS”) which created regulations in the oil and gas industry for any source of air pollution, including landfills.

Ecotec software technology automated the entire manual process of taking hand recorded emissions and monitoring readings, compiling them over time and across sites into hundreds of paper binders retained on-hand for record keeping purposes.

Ecotec’s software brought increased efficiency, auditable accuracy to the data, and a massive reduction in file keeping that was converted to a completely digital system. This original software platform was designed and released as a Windows desktop software. A user would perform their normal field survey, using Ecotec instruments, and then when a job was complete this instrument would be linked to the computer where all relevant information (reading, GPS coordinates, date, time, user, etc.) was downloaded into the requisite reporting and recording keeping formats.

In 1998 Ecotec released its first web-based version of collecting and reporting methane data from the field.

As customers’ needs evolved, so has Ecotec’s software. Pioneering into web-based data traffic over 20 years ago, the team has an unprecedented level of experience building and integrating software platforms that create business efficiencies but are predicated on the underlying instrumentation necessary to gather accurate and reliable data. With the release of a web-based solution, Ecotec software also migrated from Windows-based to an operating system agnostic product based on Java.

This evolution into web-based software also coincided with the release of IRS Section 29 tax credits – this tax incentive program allowed landfill gas collections systems to claim tax credits for gas sold to third parties. Ecotec developed a method to track usage and emissions of biogas engines and converted these figures into a millions of British Thermal Units (“mmbtu”) or their associated energy content for credits.  Ecotec’s software offering has since expanded drastically to meet the demands of Carbon Credit verification projects across the globe and industries.

By the early 2000’s Ecotec was deploying its first enterprise software platforms for real-time emissions and efficiency management. We currently have clients across the globe and manage sites as small as a single landfill location to broad infrastructure systems containing hundreds of instruments gather data real-time across a geographic ecosystem.

Our software solutions are designed to meet an evolving market need. We have experience across all deployment types and sizes ranging from on premises, cloud-based, and APIs.  Our goal is to create solutions that match the needs and requirements of our partners and we pride ourselves on the flexibility and understanding to do so.

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