Natural Gas | ECOTEC | Natural gas monitoring solutions including stationary, waking and vehicle options for leak detection and repair, as well as pipeline maintenance and CNG/LNG applications.

Natural Gas

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Walking Solutions

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Vehicle Solutions

VSR Inspectra

Natural gas network survey vehicle with a laser methane detection system for accurate and high-speed monitoring of underground gas pipelines.


The operating console for vehicle solutions allows users to perform leak survey with an easy to use application.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Stationary Solutions


A 24/7 methane emissions monitoring system using laser technology. With ppb sensitivity, the GazoPod’s low end stability and high sensitivity allows operators to easily identify indications of fugitive emissions from the project site. Remote accessibility via the NGMesh and DataField platforms allows users to review history and emissions detections quickly.



DataField Online System Software is a web based suite of applications and analysis tools with extensive reporting capabilities. The software utilizes robust, secure database infrastructure to support the demands of maintaining and accessing tens of billions of records for clients worldwide. Data from GazoSurvey™ is transmitted immediately from the mobile application providing instant decision-making information. DataField’s powerful environmental compliance engine processes field collected data provided users with instant results in graphical form on their mobile devices.

Emergency Response

Pipeline Construction and Maintenance

CNG & LNG Solutions

Related Industries and Applications

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable natural gas monitoring solutions for inlet/biogas monitoring, outlet/RNG monitoring, facility maintenance and environmental compliance.


We are working closely with industry partners to launch portables and stations solutions – if interested please reach out to learn more.

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