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Landfill & Biogas

Surface Emissions


Gazomat’s patented Inspectra™ Laser technology is field proven for more than 15 years in harsh field conditions maintaining its high performance and accuracy throughout its lifetime. Using this low-level ppm monitoring technology in conjunction with our mobile app software, surface emissions monitoring can be performed accurately and efficiently. Users can document walking/serpentine patterns with breadcrumb trails, penetration monitoring, and provide descriptive field notes with pictures.


Surface and penetration scanning can be performed in a fraction of the time it takes walking with a portable pump drawn analyzer. The Gazoscan has a range over 330 feet (>100m) with a sensitivity of ±5ppm. An operator can stand in single location and with a 360˚ view, scan for fugitive surface and penetration emission indications. Combining the GazoScan with the DataField mobile application, users can document indications found in the field with photos and notes for further investigation and remediation actions.

Well Field Monitoring


The use of the DataField Online System Software offers an exciting opportunity for all parties involved to display field operations utilizing technology, based on fundamental principles, which provide for accurate, credible, and auditable information ultimately leading to a rewarding return for all project participants.

Fixed Position Monitoring



DataField Online System Software is a web based suite of applications and analysis tools with extensive reporting capabilities. The software utilizes robust, secure database infrastructure to support the demands of maintaining and accessing tens of billions of records for clients worldwide. Data from GazoSurvey™ is transmitted immediately from the mobile application providing instant decision-making information. DataField’s powerful environmental compliance engine processes field collected data provided users with instant results in graphical form on their mobile devices.

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