Gazomat | ECOTEC | Gazomat is a technology solution leader in the high-performance sensor and Internet of Things (“IoT”) industries with a focus on methane emissions.



Gazomat is a technology solution leader in the high-performance sensor and Internet of Things (“IoT”) industries with a focus on methane emissions. The Company has over 25 years of experience specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge gas detection equipment and has coupled this offering with an industry revolutionizing IoT platform creating an ecosystem of interconnected devices which streamlines operational efficiencies for our partners while helping them to reduce emissions.

Gazomat was first created at the request of several major European natural gas utilities. These utilities, who became our first customers and remain our customers to this day, were in need of leak survey and first responder equipment that they could depend on to be accurate and safe in explosive environments.  The first technology Gazomat pioneered was creating flame ionization detector (“FID”) units which function by measuring the quantity of methane through a gas sample that passes through a combustion chamber. 

Gazomat has since made important advances that have carried over in the use cases for instruments in the field. By working in close conjunction with utilities, and having its own leak survey service, instrument innovations are built upon real world use.  This led to the first Gazomat network survey vehicles (or Vehicle Survey de Reseau “VSR”) utilizing FID technology in addition to Gazomat’s first semiconductor-based sensors.

In 2006, Gazomat’s leadership in the field of gas detection equipment was solidified with the creation of its laser-based methane emission sensors using tunable diode laser (“TDL”) technology. Unlike all other technologies on the market, laser-based sensors require no warm-up time, are not affected by cross-gas contamination, can be certified intrinsically safe, and can be accurate to a parts per billion (“PPB”) level.  During this time, Gazomat produced its first versions of the Inspectra Laser Portable, a handheld walking survey instrument, as well as the VSR Inspectra, a vehicle mounted system.  In fact, the VSR Inspectra was created in partnership with utilities to meet an exact need they could not otherwise find a solution for.  Gazomat became the first manufacturer of portable laser instruments for gas leak detection in Europe.  This has put Gazomat at the forefront of new technological advances as well as understanding the ever-changing safety and regulatory environments across our customers’ end markets.

In 2016, Gazomat was acquired by the Ecotec Group, a US-based company with a rich history in the design and development of specialty equipment and software solutions for markets including gas collection, transmission and treatment systems.

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