About the Ecotec Group | ECOTEC | ECOTEC specializes in the design and development of customized equipment and technology solutions for gas collection, transmission, and treatment systems.

About the Ecotec Group

The Ecotec Group

The Ecotec Group has a 30+ year history of providing solutions through the deployment of unique instrumentation and scalable software to identify, quantify, and report environmental emissions. The Group is comprised of Ecotec Solutions focused on the landfill, biogas, RNG, and carbon credit markets; Gazomat focused on the natural gas markets; and AQMesh focused on the broader air quality and pollution end markets.

Our business was founded in the principles of engineering and consulting, and we bring those traits with us to every partnership. We focus on creating solutions for our customers.  By understanding their unique problem, we can help to solve that challenge by working hand in hand with our own technology, innovating new instruments or software, or partnering with other forward-thinking technology offerings to create a combined solution to solve our partner’s needs.

At our core, we believe that the combination of instrumentation and software can provide durable solutions to reduce our partners’ environmental impact while at the same time increasing efficiencies and profitability within their businesses.

Our product development culture is based on providing best available solutions for field-based activities around gas measurement applications.

We design, develop, manufacture, sell and support measurement tools which are accurate, stable, repeatable, and reliable. We also create user friendly software solutions to help deliver the field collected data as useful information to the interested parties and decision makers

Our culture marries our global resources for bringing efficient and well thought out products to market.